6 Piece Hybrid Stainless Steel Cookware Pan Set 8″, 10″, 12″ with Glass Lids


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Our NEW HexClad 6 Piece Lid Set is the perfect starter set featuring three of our most popular pans. With these three pan sizes, you’ll be able to meet all your pan cooking needs. We have developed our pan sizes and designs based on how chefs around the world use pans. Ask any top chef and these are the three pans they use the most. Cookware needed fresh ideas. For this reason we have developed a completely new approach. Our revolutionary hybrid cookware offers the bost of both worlds, the durability of stainless steel and the easy cleaning of non-stick coatings. We can say with confidence that HexClad is the bost cookware out there because it works like no other. It is sure to become a key player in your culinary repertoire. Because our pans are hybrid pans and contain stainless steel, temporary staining may occur. Because our pans are metal, you can use more aggressive sponges like steel wool. For more stubborn stains, soak your pans in warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes, followed by scrubbing with an abrasive sponge.

* PATENTED HEXCLAD TECHNOLOGY: The hexagon design is created through a laser etching process to offer both a stainless steel and non-stick finish. This double surface area allows your non-stick pan to still sear while using less oil, fat and butter
* WHY CHOOSE HEXCLAD: With a patented, laser-etched hexagon design and three-layer construction, HexClad is PFOA-free, oven safe to 500 degrees, stovetop and induction cookware safe, and features cool handles for a premium cooking experience
* HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: To make durable cooking pans that are built to last, three-layer construction is required. The first and third layers are made of stainless steel for robust non-stick properties, while aluminum in between ensures even heat distribution
* EASY CLEANING AND SCRATCH RESISTANT: It is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with singeing or steel wool pads. The non-stick pan is scratch resistant and will not wear or wear down from the use of metal utensils.
* SEASONING INSTRUCTIONS: Seasoning your HexClad cookware is imperative to maintaining the nonstick cooking experience. To properly season your HexClad cookware, bring the cookware to medium-low heat and drizzle 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil inside. Your cookware will be ready to use after leaving it on the heat for 2-3 minutes and will perform better over time as it re-seasons itself from the fats in the foods you cook with.
* LIFETIME GUARANTEE: As HexClad’s commitment to quality and perfection, all nonstick cookware is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Add it to your favorite heavy-duty cookware sets. Perfect size pan for frying family meals like eggs and ham.


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