Celsius Herbicide WG 10 oz


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Keep your lawn Beautiful-with Celsius WG herbicide. It offers one of the broadest ranges of controls on the market among comparable products. This formula controls more than 150 weeds, including many difficult-to-control broadleaf and grassy weeds such as: B. big crabgrass, burweed and purslane. This post-emergent herbicide also offers bost-in-class safety on St. Augustine grass and centipede turf species. It offers excellent performance on hard-to-control weeds and grasses, as well as a practical application window with no high-temperature limitations. This Celsius WG herbicide contains 25 to 75 percent less active ingredient than current post-emergence herbicides, reducing the risk of phytotoxicity at high temperatures. It contains the active ingredients thiencarbazone methyl, iodosulfuron methyl sodium and dicamba. This Celsius WG, 10 oz, comes in an easy to use wettable granular formulation.

Celsius WG Post-Emergent Herbicide, 10 oz:
* Broad spectrum herbicide for post emergence control
* Controls over 150 weeds including many broadleaf and grassy weeds
* Superior safety on St. Augustine grass and Centipede turfs
* Excellent performance on hard-to-control weeds and grasses
* Convenient application window with no high temperature limitations
* Reduced risk of significant phytotoxicity at high temperatures
* Achieve control with 25% to 75% less active ingredient than current post-emergence herbicides
* Easy to use wettable granule formulation
* Weeds controlled include (but are not limited to): broadleaf weeds: American burnweed chamber, purslane, dollarweed, Florida betony, Florida pusley, lawn burweed, lespedeza, prostate spurge, spotted spurge, Virginia buttonweed; Grassy Weeds: Bull Paspalum, Carpet Grass, Dallis Grass (Suppression), Pigeon Weed, Cinquefoil
* Application rate: 1.6-3.2 grams/1000 square feet
* Active ingredients: 8.7% thiencarbazone methyl, 1.9% iodosulfuron methyl sodium, 57.4% dicamba


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