Dyna-Glo WK95C8B Indoor Kerosene Convection Heater 23,800 BTU


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The Dyna-Glo Indoor Kerosene Convection Heater is an excellent choice for safe additional indoor heating. Perfect for use in your home, basement, garage or cubicle. Because it doesn’t use electricity, it’s a good choice for emergency heating when the power goes out, as well as for daily zone heating. Uses only 1K kerosene. Burns at 99.9% efficiency and provides 8 to 12 hours of run time per 1.9 gallon fuel tank. Automatic side firing with easy one-touch erase function. The fuel tank lifts out easily and has an easy-to-read fuel gauge. Safety grilles, cool-top design and anti-tip protection help prevent accidents. Includes siphon pump and batteries. Reliable – Ideal for emergencies or everyday use Economical – Reduce heating costs by only heating occupied areas Convenient – Easy-to-use automatic ignition and one-button shut-off Safe – Built-in safety switch shuts off power if unit is knocked over Versatile – Use in workshops, basements, cabins, RVs and more. Enhanced Convenience – Runs * up to 11 hours on a full tank of kerosene
* 23,000 BTUs/hour
* Heats up to 1,000 SQ.FT.
* Save on electricity bills!
* Reliable – Ideal for emergencies or everyday use


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