EcoLight 1-Boat Kayak Trailer Package


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Excessive Delivery Fee. Trailer Accessories Fit Guide ? OWNER’S MANUAL ?C ECOLIGHT TRAILER ? OWNER’S MANUAL ?C BUNKS ? 5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ? PACKAGING DETAILS The EcoLight Sport Trailer, coupled with a Malone Carrier System, is an excellent choice for safe and affordable kayak transport. We offer a choice of four different trailer/carrier packages for transporting one, two or four kayaks. The MPG586XB EcoLight pack is designed to transport a single fishing or recreational kayak. Each trailer comes with a set of 84 inch padded berths that work with both traditional V-style hulls and non-traditional pontoon-style hulls. These marine-grade trailers can be backed up a boat ramp to launch the kayak straight into the water.
* Non-traditional hull design
* 8″ High Speed Tires with Powder Coated Wheels and Molded Fenders
* One medium to large sized recreational
* Fishing kayak with traditional
* 1 set of Bunks included


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