ICFMD70WH6A 7.0 CU. FT. Chest Freezer


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This igloo 7.0 Cu. feet The chest freezer has the space for all your storage needs! Perfect for stocking frozen foods like meat, pizza, fruit and veg, ice cream, ice cream and more – this reliable chest freezer features a quick freeze system with easy-to-access mechanical temperature controls. The practical and removable storage basket allows you to store the little things that you don’t want to lose!

* BALANCED HINGE-STYLED DOOR: Built-in strong and balanced metal hinges lets you keep the freezer door open at different angles (45-90 degrees), allowing you to work hands-free while preventing the door from dropping
* LOW NOISE: High-efficient foam is used to help insulate the interior and lid keeps the noise low, allowing for a super-quiet operation
* LED LIGHTS: Features an LED Light located next to the thermostat dial to let you know that your unit is powered on and running
* RECESSED HANDLE: Recessed door handles give the freezer a sleek and modern appearance and makes opening and closing the lid easy
* GARAGE FRIENDLY: Freezer will continue to run even when the outside temperature is as low as 23 ?? F, allowing you to store your freezer in basements and some garages
* SMART WATER DEFROST DRAIN: Water drain is in the front, ensuring a clear path for water to travel during defrosting
* SPACIOUS CAPACITY: The 7.0 cu. ft. capacity provides you with the extra storage for all your frozen goods such as meat, pizza, cold drinks, fruits and vegetables and ice cream ?C making it perfect for homes, basements, garages, RVs and more!
* QUICK FREEZING SYSTEM: The D-Type Refrigeration tube has more surface area, a larger heat exchange area and a higher efficiency, allowing the freezer to get colder faster than other chest freezers. The aluminum-lined interior with a heavy-duty gasket also creates a tight seal, preventing cold air from escaping
* ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT: The adjustable thermostat is easy to access and features a minimum/maximum control dial that allows your temperature to be controlled from -10 to 10 ??F
* REMOVABLE WIRE BASKET: Convenient hanging coated wire storage basket easily removes and slides for easier organization and helps you keep smaller items readily available so they don’t get lost


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