Life Space Saver Rollator, Lightweight Folding Walker with Seat-Rose


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Able Life’s Space Saver Rollator is the world’s most compact and portable rollator. Combining functionality with style, this walker offers you balance and support to move around the house, walk to the grocery store or travel the world! With just a finger lift, the Space Saver rollator folds seamlessly and is three times smaller than the average rollator. Thanks to the patented folding technology, this travel rollator can be easily stored in the front seat of a car, in the overhead compartment of an airplane or discreetly by your side while dining in a restaurant. The folded footprint of 10 x 11 inches makes the rollator easy to stand on its own when not in use. The rollator’s narrow design allows it to comfortably navigate through narrow doorways and maneuver around furniture. With four 6-inch wheels and an easy-to-use braking system, the 4-wheel walker can transport you over any surface, indoors or outdoors. Unlike other senior walkers, the Space Saver rollator is lightweight, weighing only 14.5 pounds. The lightweight rollator with seat supports up to 250 pounds and has adjustable handles that range from 33 to 36 inches in height. With three modern colors to choose from, the Space Saver rollator is a stylish mobility aid to be proud of!
Able Life Space Saver Rollator, Lightweight Folding 4WD Rollator with Seat, Pink:

* Folds 3 times smaller than the average rollator, making it more portable and easier to store
* Folds down to an 11″ x 10″ footprint like an umbrella stroller with just the touch of a finger
* Weighing only 14.5 pounds, the Space Saver rollator is easy to take with you in the car when you go to the grocery store
* The rollator locks against unfolding and stands by itself when folded
* The 18.5 x 6 inch travel seat offers space to sit for quick breaks when walking or traveling
* Supports up to 250 pounds
* The Space Saver Rollator comes pre-assembled and is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box
* The padded handles can be adjusted in height from 33 inches to 36 inches off the ground.
* Fits recommended user heights from 5’4″ to 6’2″. For smaller users, check out the Micro Space Saver Rollator
* Four 6-inch wheels provide stability and smoothness on all indoor and outdoor surfaces
* 360-degree rotating front wheels make it easy to maneuver around furniture and turn in tight spaces
* Features a complete braking system with brake handles and parking brakes
* Equip your rollator with a storage bag and basket (sold separately)
* Available in three attractive colors: Black Walnut, Cobalt Blue and Regal Rose

* Weight: 14.5 pounds
* Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
* Height adjustment: 33?? ?C 36??
* Suitable for user height: 5’4″-6’2″
* Open Width: 26.5??
* Open Depth: 23??
* Width between handles: 18??
* Folded Width: 11??
* Folded Depth: 10??
* Seat Height: 22??
* Seat Dimensions: 18.5??W x 6??D
* Wheels: 6 inch diameter



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