Patient Lift Chair Portable Patient Transfer Chair for Home Shower Wheelchair Commode Split Seat Bathroom Wheelchair


The Ontrip patient transfer wheelchair is designed for versatility and can be used as a nightstand or shower chair. This home medical commode wheelchair can help bedridden patients, elderly people with limited mobility, paralyzed lower limb patients, fracture patients and wheelchair users. Height-adjustable device Rotate the joystick to find a suitable height. 180?? Split Seat The 180?? split seat facilitates user transfers from a bed and is available for quick toilet trips or transfers. Bedside Dresser and Shower Chair For use over an existing toilet, as a shower chair or bedside dresser. Dresser bucket included for bedside use. Low Friction Casters Locking casters front and rear; The rear casters rotate 360?? so you can spin in any direction. Adapted to most beds. The 15 cm gap under the bed allows access under most beds. Specification: Seat Size: Length 27.5 inches; width 23.4 inches; Height 31.7-39.5 inches Adjustable Seat Lift Range (seat to floor): 17.3 inches (lowest); 25.1 inches (highest) Front and rear wheel size: 5 inches; 3 inches Seat Width: 18.1 inches Seat Depth: 18.3 inches Net Weight: 55 lbs / 25 kg Max. Load Capacity: 220 lbs / 100 kg is less than 17.3 inches in height. 2. The user’s upper body must be able to maintain an upright sitting position; otherwise the user leans to the side! 3. If the gaps under the bed are less than 6 inches, the lifter cannot reach the bed. 4. Because the tiny wheels can’t go past obstacles, it’s only suitable for flat terrain.

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
27.50 x 23.40 x 39.50 Inches

* Easy to Transfer: The height adjustable handles lift and transfer patient gradually from any position to ensure safe and comfort. Seat height can be adjusted from 17.3 to 25.1 inches to suit people of different heights. The 180?? split seat base makes it effortless to move most immobile patients, the disabled and wheelchair users. Using a patient transfer wheelchair will greatly reduce your or caregiver’s burden
* Safe and Durable: Medical silent swivel casters can be rotated 360?? , allowing you to move in any direction. 4 casters with locking setting, can stop the wheelchair safely. And easily adjustable rear back seat locks and front armrest fall prevention increase safety. Thicker steel pipe support frame, 2.0 thick steel pipe, safety protection. Broobey provides quality and durable patient transfer chair, helps eliminate dangerous slips and falls
* Bath Chair and Commode Chair: Our lift wheelchair can be used as bedside commodes, shower chairs, and over-toilet assistive devices. It allows the user to shower and use the toilet safely without changing seats or standing. Commode Opening Allows quick and easy access to toileting and personal hygiene cleaning. It makes personal patient care easier and safer for patients
* All-in-One Wheelchair Lift: This equipment has several purposes and may be used as a patient lift, bedside commode, bathroom chair, transfer wheelchair or walker. You do not need to lift the patient, one person can easily transfer the patient from the bed to the toilet, sofa, dining room, etc. Suit for those who need to transport patients at home
* Professional & Home Use: Transport chairs protect the caregiver from overexertion injuries that can arise from improper or too much heavy lifting while keeping the patient safe during transfer. In order to safely utilize a transfer chair, the patient should be able to move the left and right hips to facilitate the rear opening and closing seat plate to slide under the hips. The lift wheelchair is easily managed by one person providing assistance, which simplifies lowers the cost of in-home care


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