Rion Grand Gardener 8′ x 12′ Twin-Wall Walk-In Greenhouse – Green – with 2 Roof Vents


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The Grand Gardener 2 Twin-Wall is constructed from a heavy-duty extruded resin frame for enhanced insulation and durability. Virtually unbreakable double-walled polycarbonate glazing creates a comfortable growing environment and diffuses light for even plant growth. The translucent, double-walled polycarbonate panels also ensure excellent, lightweight insulation. The weatherproof frame of the Grand Gardener 2 features simplified assembly with the Pin & Lock system, while the roof panels now simply slide in. A barn-style roof design offers plenty of headroom and gives you more garden space. Double doors allow easy access and provide excellent ventilation. The included roof vent provides additional ventilation. Fasten to concrete slab or heavy wooden foundation. An optional base kit can be added for additional height and stability.
Palram – Canopia Grand Gardeners Greenhouse – 8′ x 12′:

* Virtually unbreakable 4mm thick double skinned polycarbonate roof panels and 6mm double skinned side panels are 100 percent UV protected and highly impact resistant
* The durable resin frame improves insulation and provides extra durability for years to come
* The barn shape design creates high headroom and a larger garden space
* The durable resin frame enhances insulation and creates extra durability for years to come
* Double doors provide excellent ventilation when open, allowing for easy entry and exit
* The included roof vents help you maintain heat and humidity in your greenhouse as needed


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