Rubi Tools Sr1 Knee Pads Ergonomic Seat


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The Rubi SR1 ergonomic seat has been designed to offer you complete ergonomic comfort while maintaining a stable working position and easy movement. You can roll over and work in a kneeling position, relieving strain on your back and knees. The attached Air Professional knee pads made of high-density polyurethane offer additional protection, stability and can be easily replaced. It also includes a fully adjustable seat and a removable tray for easy access to tools and parts. It is excellent for floor fitting, body repair, painting and many other industries where kneeling or leaning positions are required. Take it easy on your knees and unnecessarily relieve your feet and back.

* Allows an ergonomic position for great stability
* Solid structure with 7 wheels of great resistance
* Comfortable system of great stability
* Removes weight from your knees
* Adjustable seat height and inclination for optimum comfort
* Ideal for floor tiling, wood floors installation, cleaning and other jobs on pavement


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