Whirlpool-WED5010LW 7.0 Cu. Ft. Top Load Electric Dryer with Wrinkle Shield


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7cu. feet Dryer capacity 11 drying cycles – 4 temperature settings. moisture detection. Wrinkle Shield option to prevent wrinkles. Air cycle only.

* Key Features & Benefits: Moisture Sensing: Two sensors enhance your dryer’s ability to measure moisture and temperature, helping to prevent overdrying by automatically stopping the cycle when the load is dry.
* Crease protection option: With the crease protection option you prevent creases in clean, dry fabrics after the end of the programme. It keeps clothes in place for up to 2.5 hours after the program ends or until you open the door.
* Timed Dry: Take control of your time and how dry your load is. Set the control to 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes if a damp load needs a little more drying time or if you are using a drying rack.
* Air-Only Cycle: Loosen and refresh loads or air out delicate items with a cycle that tumbles your items without heat.
* 7.0 Cu. feet Capacity: With a 7.0 Cu. feet The large dryer drum offers plenty of space to easily handle the large laundry loads that you have washed in the matching top-loading washing machine.
* Quick Dry Cycle: Quickly dry a small load or adjust settings to gain more time. You can also remember your settings for your next load of laundry.
* Interior lighting: With the interior lighting, you can see every item in the dryer.
* End of cycle signal: With an end of cycle buzzer you will know when your cycle is over.
* Static Reduction Option: Help with the static reduction option that combines a water mist with a tumble after the charge is dry.
* Wrinkle Control Cycle: The Wrinkle Control Cycle helps minimize wrinkles by using lower temperatures during the cycle and then defaulting to the Wrinkle Control option to continue spinning after the cycle is complete.


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