Wooden Small Animal House Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage w/ Backyard Run Ramp


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In this large rabbit hutch from PawHut, the main house and cage area have plenty of space and plenty of room to hop on both the upper and lower tiers. Safe and healthy paint treats your animals with care, while waterproof walls provide weather protection and the iron wire offers solid resistance to predators. Allow your pets the big, oversized range of motion to run and play. Let the cage be a place to move and burn off energy. A big rabbit cage is a happy cage.

* Large run and main house for happy animals
* Safe and healthy paint
* Right half detaches using easy latches
* Water-resistant paint and asphalt roof protect against rainwater for weather protection
* Strong iron wire fence keeps predators out
* A feeding trough inside the main house provides more convenience
* A window to check in and 2 lockable doors on main house
* Removable slide-out tray for quick cleaning

* Specifications:
* Color: Natural
– Material: Fir, Metal Wire???Asphalt
– Overall Dimensions: 62.25″ L x 22.75″ W x 26.75″ H
– House Dimensions: 33″ L x 23.5″ W x 29″ H
– Backyard Run Dimension: 31.5″ L x 19.75″ W x 22″ H
– Door Dimensions: 6.25″W x 7.75″ H
– Window Dimensions: 12″ W x 8″ H
– Droppings Tray: 21″ L x 28″ W x 2″ H
– Stairs: 24.75″ L x 6″ H
– Opening to Outdoor Area: 7″ W x 7″ H
– Thickness: 0.5″ T


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