WTW4816FW 3.5 Ft. Cu. White Top Load Washer


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* Automatic drying control
Automatic dryness control uses sensors to end the cycle at the right time to prevent over-drying, leaving favorite items like comfy sweatpants perfectly dry.
* High capacity
Capacity can help take a load off your head.
* Wrinkle prevention option
If you can’t crease right away, use the Wrinkle Prevent option. It spins clothes intermittently without heat to prevent creases and creases from settling.
* cooling cycle
The Cool Down cycle gives clothes time to cool down, which helps prevent wrinkles if clothes are left in the dryer after the cycle ends.
* dry cycles
Choose from multiple drying cycles to suit the needs of each load.
* 11 dryer cycles
With 11 selectable dryer cycles, you can create the optimal environment to dry all your clothes.
* turning door
Simply install this door to open left or right.


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